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Command Spanish®

Command Spanish®, Inc. is the country's pioneer and leading provider of Spanish language training for the workplace.

The company's objective is to provide learner-friendly language programs and training classes that require no prior knowledge of Spanish.

Command Spanish® language classes eliminate the tedious grammar instruction found in most other language programs.

How It Works

Its online learning system, The Language Power-Lock System™, created by Command Spanish® Inc., revolutionizes language e-training. Seven brain-compatible, interactive processes unite to provide contextualized, purposeful learning opportunities.

The Language Power-Lock System employs an integrated “switchback method” to engage the learner through visual, auditory and psychomotor pathways.

These interactive learning processes provide adult learners with an easy, user-friendly, effective system for the learning and long-term retention of practical Spanish language for the workplace.

Internet vs. Classroom Instruction

Our online courses allow students to enroll at any time. There is no set schedule and no specific pace required. All courses are active for 120 days (four months), and students may work through the course at their own convenience.

Available Command Spanish® Courses

Call 913-469-4420 for information about these Command Spanish® courses.

Technical Support

For technical support from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, call (toll free) 1-866-810-7019 or email technical support.