DegreeCheck is an unofficial audit of your course work to determine whether you are on track for graduation. It matches your academic history against your degree or certificate requirements in the college catalog.

The report generated from DegreeCheck will display requirements that have been met and those that are remaining.

DegreeCheck includes the following features:

Audit Feature

The audit feature in DegreeCheck will list requirements needed to complete your degree and/or certificate based on courses taken or currently in progress.

What If Feature

The what if feature in DegreeCheck will allow you to analyze how courses could apply to different degrees and/or certificates.

Planner Feature

The planner feature in DegreeCheck will allow you to view a plan that a counselor has created for you.

GPA Calculator

The GPA calculator in DegreeCheck will show your estimated cumulative GPA after you fill in hypothetical grade information.

Advice Calculator

The advice calculator in DegreeCheck will allow you to see what is needed to meet your desired GPA. To access the Advice Calculator in DegreeCheck, select the "GPA" tab and then select "Advice Calculator."

Update Frequency

DegreeCheck is updated nightly so changes made will not appear until the next day. Also, your record may have pending changes that require processing such as a change of major or recent transcripts received that need to be evaluated officially and processed.