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Fall 2019

Eurydice (Sarah Ruhl)

Sept. 20-22, 27-29
Bodker Black Box Theatre
Directed by Penny Weiner

In Eurydice, Sarah Ruhl reimagines the classic myth of Orpheus through the eyes of its heroine.  Dying too young on her wedding day, Eurydice must journey to the underworld, where she reunites with her father and struggles to remember her lost love.

Farragut North (Beau Willimon)

Nov. 15-17, 22-24
Polsky Theatre
Directed by Beatte Pettigrew

Stephen Bellamy is a wunderkind press secretary who has built a career that men twice his age would envy.  During a tight presidential primary race, Stephen’s meteoric rise falls prey to the backroom politics of more seasoned operatives.  Farragut North is a timely story about the lust for power and the costs one will endure to achieve it.  The play is loosely based on former Governor Howard Dean’s 2004 Democratic primary election campaign for U.S. President.

Spring 2020

Ming Lee and the Magic Tree

Jan. 31-Feb. 2
Bodker Black Box Theatre
Directed by Erik Meixelsperger

This children’s play is performed in traditional Chinese style and tells the story of a Prince who will be allowed to marry the Princess of the Stars, but only if he can find a happy man. In his search, the Prince gives Ming Lee, a stonecutter, a circle of wishes, each of which Ming Lee thinks will make him happy. But, during his journey, he discovers fine hats do not make a fine head.

Blithe Spirit (Noël Coward)

April 24-26, May 1-3
Director to be announced

Socialite and novelist Charles Condomine invites the eccentric medium and clairvoyant Madame Arcati to his house to conduct a séance, hoping to gather material for his next book. The scheme backfires when he is haunted by the ghost of his annoying and temperamental first wife, Elvira, who continually tries to disrupt Charles’ marriage to his second wife, Ruth, who cannot see or hear the ghost.