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Class Format

Lecture is a part of every course and incorporates the use of white boards, PowerPoint presentations, and showcasing components used in the industry.  Lab classes integrate lecture with hands-on activities in a lab environment that simulate real life examples of electrical technology.  

Resource Use

Students are expected to bring the required textbooks to each class as we reference code definitions, work through examples of various electrical formulas and discuss various types of electrical installations. ANGEL course management system is used as a supplemental online tool to distribute handouts and other pertinent material.  In the lab portion, students purchase industry standard tools (average tool cost purchase: $100) and are required to wear ANSI Z87.1 rated safety glasses with all lab activities. 


Chapter and final exams comprise 50% of the grade.  Exams cannot be made up UNLESS prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.  Pop quizzes cannot be made up.  Lab activities comprise 30% of the grade. Labs cannot be made up.

Homework Policy

Homework comprises 10% of the grade.  Homework must be handed in on the due date or be deducted 20% IF prior arrangements have been made.

Attendance Policy

Attendance comprises 10% of the grade.  Attendance is weighed heavily by an instructor.  Students are strongly encouraged to maintain regular attendance. If a circumstance arises where a student is unable to make it to class, it is recommended that the student get in contact with the instructor prior to the absence.


Available during posted office hours, by appointment, via email or telephone/voicemail.