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Speech Department FAQ

Choose to communicate. You have options. The more you communicate the more opportunities will open for you. Challenge yourself.

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All speech classes can be taken in a traditional face-to-face classroom experience.

Our small class sizes allow you to feel more comfortable while giving speeches, and the personalized attention fuels class discussions. If you appreciate more structure and regular interaction with the instructor, you will benefit from a face-to-face course. This format also allows you to get to know your fellow students.

Classes are available during a wide variety of days and times to accommodate your schedule. Courses are offered in the traditional semester format as well as short-term or late-start classes as well

The hybrid format combines the face-to-face interaction of a classroom environment for giving speeches with the flexibility of an online course.

Hybrid speech courses are taught by the same qualified instructors who teach our face-to-face courses. Public Speaking is currently our only course offered in a hybrid format.

You’ll complete your coursework online and meet on campus to give four required speeches, spaced in intervals throughout the course. Even though most of the work is done online, you still need to meet assignment deadlines, since they’re set up to assist you in giving the speeches. Communicate with each other online as well as with your instructor.

These courses work well if you are highly self-motivated.

Online classes allow you the opportunity to fit coursework into your busy schedule. 

Online speech courses are taught by the same qualified instructors who are teaching our face-to-face and hybrid courses. Interpersonal Communication and Intercultural Communication are both offered in an online format.

While these classes take place online, they are not self-paced. Online classes do have due dates for assignments and discussions, but the format still provides the flexibility you need and quality education you expect. Review course materials, participate in class discussions, turn in assignments and take quizzes, all online. These courses work well if you are highly self-motivated.

Have you successfully completed a course from the Speech and Debate Department at JCCC and want to study abroad? Then, you may be eligible for the Terry Helmick Memorial Scholarship. Named in honor of a former Speech and Debate Department faculty member, the scholarship is awarded to students who plan to study abroad through JCCC; have a 3.0 GPA; and are enrolled in at least 12 credit hours.

If you’re interested in learning how to debate or continuing your debate career from high school, consider joining the JCCC Debate Team.

Our debate team consistently ranks high nationally among four-year colleges and universities, and the program is recognized as one of the top community college debate programs in the country.

Looking for reasons to join?

  • Receive more personalized interaction with debate coaches by being on a community college team.
  • Enjoy travel opportunities to compete at tournaments, just like at a four-year school.
  • Learn how to research, process information and think critically.
  • Develop unique skills that can help you in your career.

The Speech Department offers several options for pursuing more rigorous and rewarding study through the College’s Honors Program.

You can enroll in the Honors Public Speaking class where you’ll work with like-minded peers, or you can set up an individual one-hour contract in Interpersonal Communication or Intercultural Communication.

If you take advantage of these options, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to learn some of the interesting aspects of communication theory
  • Present your work to a wider audience
  • Receive greater one-on-one mentorship from faculty

Show off your skills at our annual Public Speaking Showcase!

All students enrolled in Public Speaking throughout the academic year are invited to the competition held every May. The best speakers from the year go head-to-head for prizes and bragging rights. This event is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your speaking skills and add valuable experience to your resumé.

Connect with other students half a world away, thanks to a partnership with the JCCC speech department and Udmurt State University (UdSU), in Izhevsk, Russia. The College’s Intercultural Communication online classes let students from UdSU interact with students from JCCC. Our students learn about Russian culture, the UdSU students learn about American culture, and everyone learns more about intercultural communication.

The partnership began when a JCCC faculty member visited UdSU in 2012, and it has grown to include a public-speaking contest and an intercultural-communication essay contest where both JCCC and UdSU students participate.