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Speech Courses

These courses will help you gain the communication skills you need to succeed and prepare for the challenges and opportunities found in a knowledge, information-based global society.

General Education Courses

Interpersonal Communication - SPD 120

Interested in improving your relationships or solving conflict effectively? Interpersonal Communication can help you accomplish your goals at school, work or at home.

Public Speaking - SPD 121 

Want to improve your presentation skills?  Public Speaking gives you the chance to be more eloquent and persuasive while learning to reduce your anxiety and gain more confidence speaking in front of people.

Personal Communication - SPD 125 

Are you interested in improving your relationships and becoming a better public communicator? The Personal Communication course offers a blend of the most important skills from the Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication courses.

Intercultural Communication - SPD 180 

Want to understand the greater world around you? Intercultural Communication offers students the skills to work in a global marketplace and tools to understand and improve relationships with people from diverse cultures.