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To find out if you need to take these courses, you will need to take the ACCUPLACER assessment test. This test is done by Testing Services

RDG 126 is a mandatory class for students who place into it by taking the ACCUPLACER test. This class includes strengthening academic reading skills including vocabulary enrichment, note-taking, annotating and summarizing.

RDG 127 is an elective, college-level course which focuses on higher level critical reading skills.

If you need to drop a required reading class, you should talk to an academic counselor.

Reading Classes

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Linda Creason

Ann Fielder
Adjunct Associate Professor

Suzanne Franklin
Associate Professor

Leanna Graham
Adjunct Associate Professor

Pat Jonason
Professor Emeritus

Stephanie McCall
Adjunct Professor

Lisa Parra
Associate Professor

Dianna Rottinghaus
Associate Professor/Chair

Charis Sawyer
Professor Emeritus

Susan Steel
Adjunct Professor

Janet Stos
Adjunct Assistant Professor