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English as a Second Language

English for Academic Purposes - EAP

JCCC's offers high-quality, low-cost, ESL courses that prepare you for social, academic and professional success. Classes include beginning through advanced writing and grammar, listening and speaking, and reading and vocabulary which are offered at JCCC's main campus in Overland Park, Kansas.

Program Benefits

  • Low-cost tuition
  • Payment plan
  • Qualified students may apply financial aid funds to EAP courses
  • Beginning through advanced writing and grammar, listening and speaking, and reading and vocabulary courses to ensure social, academic, and professional success
  • Testing determines English level
  • Daytime and evening, face-to-face and online EAP credit courses (credit: a unit that equals one hour of class time each week during the semester – each EAP course is 3 credit hours)
  • Fall semester (August to December), spring semester (January to May), and summer session (June and July)
  • Preparation for successful college or university study
  • Students may take other non ESL college credit courses
  • Enrollment in degree/certificate program upon successful completion of advanced level
  • Outstanding, experienced faculty with a master’s degree in ESL teaching
  • Small class sizes
  • Smart classrooms and multimedia lab access

You must meet all JCCC admission and enrollment criteria which includes an English language proficiency requirement and you are subject to all JCCC academic policies and procedures.

ESL Pathway Program for F-1 Students

Students placing into the pathway program for reasons of English proficiency enroll full-time in a combination of nine credit hours of face-to-face ESL courses and three or more credit hours of face-to-face non ESL courses which are offered at JCCC’s main campus in Overland Park, Kansas. Students who successfully complete the program may enroll in a degree or certificate program which includes enrollment into English 121 - Composition I, JCCC’s freshman level writing course.

To be admitted, a student must do the following:

  1. Apply to JCCC
  2. Demonstrate language proficiency

Pathway 3 (2 semesters):
TOEFL iBT: 57-60
Accuplacer: 89-101

Pathway 4 (1 semester):
TOEFL iBT: 61-64
IELTS: 5.5
Accuplacer: 102-114

Although students enroll in various associate degree and certificate programs, most students complete the first 60 hours of general education courses in order to transfer to and complete the last 60 hours of their bachelor’s degree program at another undergraduate institution.

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Dawn Aronoff
Adjunct Professor

Kate Austin
Adjunct Associate Professor

Dessa Crum
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Hela Ellouz
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Annie Gray
Adjunct Professor

Victoria Gunbatar
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Farrell Jenab
Adjunct Faculty

Rebecca Kastendick
Adjunct Associate Professor

Ella Lychnikova
Adjunct Associate Professor

Holly Milkowart

Emily Nguyen
Adjunct Associate Professor

Helene Perriguey-Keene
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Mariella Rainwater
Adjunct Associate Professor

Alla Sobolevsky
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Johnson County Community College’s (JCCC) credit English as a Second Language (ESL) program is nationally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, offers Kansas Board of Regents-approved credit courses listed in JCCC’s course catalog as English for Academic Purposes (EAP) classes, and is organized in the English and Journalism Division.