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Workplace English

Johnson County Community College offers a five-step implementation process for fulfilling your employee's language learning needs.

Program Steps

  1. Company Needs Assessment
    On-site consultation to identify company needs and employee needs and establish training priorities. We will analyze the difficulties limited English-speaking employees are having in terms of interaction with supervisors and other employees, communication breakdown or lost work time because of difficulties in adapting to American culture.
  2. Participant Assessment
    We will meet with the participants to assess their language abilities and needs more thoroughly. Oral interviews, testing and job shadowing may be used.
  3. Program Development
    Following completion of the needs assessment and participant assessment, we will design a customized program for your employees and finalize the training agreement.
  4. On-site Training
    On-site instruction targeting real life, functional language skills needed for success on the job will be taught.
  5. Evaluation/Follow-up
    Following completion of the program, the participant progress will be evaluated, and a follow-up plan to maintain and improve English skills will be developed.

Generally, classes are offered for two hours twice a week for five weeks for a maximum of 20 hours.

All instructional material is provided to participants.

Following completion of the program, a follow-up plan will be developed to help each participant maintain and improve his or her newly acquired skills in English.

Who Should Attend

  • Employees whose limited English skills may create production or safety issues

How Employers Benefit

  • Improved communication in the workplace
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved safety

Course Elements

Participants will learn basic English structure, pronunciation and conversation. The instructional process will emphasize the specific English and communication needs of each worker on the job. Improving conversational English to enhance on-the-job communication skills will be emphasized.

Each class session will include time for participants to practice using the conversational English skills they have acquired. Each session will focus on a specific language component. Additional practice exercises will be provided for participants to complete independently.