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The JCCC English Department’s composition sequence guides students in setting a foundation for expressing arguments in writing, but we're much more than that. We represent a discipline that is heir to nearly 3000 years of literature and the art of rhetoric. We offer students opportunities to find their own voice in their own writing and to discover the voices of others in the texts of those long dead.

What to expect

In our literature classes, we study everything from the Bible as literature to the literature of American pop music, from Homer and Shakespeare to science fiction and children’s lit. While our freshman-level Introduction to Literature course gives students an overview of the study of literature and touches on poetry, fiction and drama, our 200-level courses look at literature from a variety of vantage points, including

  • genre with courses like Introduction to Fiction, Introduction to Poetry, Drama as Literature and Masterpieces of Cinema

  • geography with American Literature I and II, British Literature I and II and World Masterpieces

  • pop culture through Literature of Science Fiction and Literature of American Pop Music

  • diversity with Writing by Women, U.S. Latino and Latina Literature and the Bible as Literature

The English Department has a strong commitment to diversity of all kinds. We follow a mission to understand perspectives from all angles—race and ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, religious and atheist, parochial and cosmopolitan, ancient and current. Our commitment is seen not only in classes such as Literature by Women and U.S. Latino and Latina Literature, but also in the syllabuses for more general classes such as Introduction to Literature and Drama as Literature.

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The faculty of the JCCC English Department is marked by intellectual curiosity, creative endeavors, a commitment to students and to our discipline, and an unending drive to connect the local to the universal, the subjective to the objective, the me to the we and the us to the them.

Our faculty’s cumulative college-teaching experience literally stretches into centuries. We’ve been fortunate to gather a community of experts not only in composition and rhetoric, but also in a wide array of literature, creative writing and film.

We take great pride in being an integral part of student success long after the student has taken his or her last Comp class. We are also proud to offer one of the most dynamic curricula not only at JCCC, but in the Kansas City metropolitan area. We offer students a simple transaction: a semester that takes a few months for an education that lasts a whole life.