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When supervisors seek to hire good employees, they search for candidates who can communicate effectively and empathize with others. English classes can help you improve writing and other skills.

English students studying in a classroom with computers

English for ‘real life’

In fact, corporate giants such as Google and Facebook are placing a higher emphasis on these “soft skills” after years of pressing the importance of “hard skills” such as science and technology. Why? As more of our workforce relies on technology, individuals must be able to understand each other, work in teams, and accept and adapt to diverse points of view. You can gain these key skills by taking English courses and practicing what you’ve learned.

English courses will help you

An integral part of the college experience is writing clearly and including research in your written assignments. From crafting effective sentences to creating groundbreaking research projects both technical and creative, JCCC’s courses run the full gamut of college-level writing:

Developmental Courses: Writing Strategies and Introduction to Writing will help you develop the basic writing skills you need to perform college-level work.

Composition I and Composition II:  These courses are prerequisites for many other courses and are requirements for most college degrees (both at JCCC and elsewhere).

Technical Writing and Advanced Composition: Courses that can help you take your writing  to the next level.

Creative Writing and Creative Writing Workshops: These cutting-edge writing courses focus on interactive media and digital narratives.

If you aren’t seeking college credits, our Continuing Education department can help you gain practical skills to improve your written communications.

Job Prospects

The U.S. Department of Labor compiles statistics on careers involving English. You'll find information specifically related to careers in Kansas, including salary information and the job prospects.