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JCCC Lawrence Centennial School Location Instructor Information

This location is unique in that the college has leased and renovated space. The space consists of general purpose classrooms, computers and a reception area. This arrangement allows CCH classes to be offered during the day and on weekends, as well as in the evening. Further, CCH classes may be offered during the summer semester.

Contact Information
An office assistant/receptionist will be present at the college's suite of classrooms when classes are in session. The JCCC phone number at LCS is 785-842-1157.

If you need anything for your classroom ask the JCCC staff member working in the resource room. We have extra pens and pencils for you or your students, as well as chalk and other misc. supplies.

Resource Room
Our office is open for students and faculty to use before, after and during classes. There are three computers available for students and instructors to use before class starts. Please respect the space by keeping it clean and picking up your trash. Sometimes our classes run back to back; therefore, if you or students arrive early, they can use this room to wait for classes to begin. This room serves as our reception area, library, breakroom and student union as we help build a JCCC presence in Lawrence.

Inclement Weather
In the event of inclement weather, please call the main campus hotline at 913-469-8500 or visit the JCCC website for closing information. Our location closes when JCCC campus closes and/or if the Lawrence School District closes.

Cancellation of Class
If you will not be able to hold class for any reason or need to cancel a class, contact your academic department. Also, please contact the Lawrence location by calling 785-842-1157. We will notify students of the canceled class if they are not contacted in advance.

Copier and Paper Shredder
These two items are for faculty and student use. The copier also serves as a printer. Please let us know you if you need assistance making copies before your class. We are here to help you.

Campus Mail
Currently this location does not have campus mail service. If you need to have something delivered to the main campus, you can leave it with the JCCC staff member and it will be picked up on Wednesday evenings and taken to campus on Thursday mornings during the regular semester.

Computer Lab
We do not have a computer lab at this location; however, we do have Internet access in each of the classrooms, wireless access in the entire JCCC area, and three computers for faculty and student use. Use your JCCC sign-on to access the JCCC wireless connection. The portable laptop lab can be delivered from the main campus with advanced notice.

AV Equipment
If you need assistance using it, please ask a staff member. If you have any problems with the equipment, please inform a staff member.