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Instructions for College Close to Home Instructors

The College Close to Home (CCH) program was initiated in the fall semester of 1998. The program has been very well received and has grown to become an integral part of our instructional delivery process for credit classes. These guidelines are intended to provide basic information to faculty who teach at designated College Close to Home sites. Due to the inherent consequences of providing instruction at multiple locations, certain amenities may not be always present but every attempt will be made to maintain the core of those necessities required to provide quality instruction.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your assistant dean or Community Outreach office.

Location Specific Instructions

General Instructions

College Close to Home information on arrival, emergencies, parking, supplies and class cancellations.

Initial Arrival
Please plan to arrive early the first class session. This will allow you enough time to become acquainted with your room and surroundings. It will also allow for assistance with directing students to their classrooms.

Emergency Procedures/Building Access
Fire evacuation and designated tornado shelter area information should be posted in each location, to wit:

  • De Soto: In case of fire, evacuate the building using adjacent exits. The tornado shelter areas are located in the restrooms across from Rooms 401 and 402.
  • Gardner Edgerton High School: Fire evacuation instructions and designated tornado shelter information are posted in each classroom in the vicinity of the bulletin board.
  • KU Edwards Campus: Fire evacuation instructions and tornado shelter information are posted in hallways and other locations.
  • Lawrence Centennial: Fire evacuation instructions and tornado shelter information are posted in each classroom on the bulletin board.

Shelters are identified. If you are unable to locate this information, please contact a Community Outreach representative.

The following are recommended parking areas at each site:

  • De Soto: North of the building.
  • Gardner Edgerton High School: Southwest of the building (visitors parking).
  • KU Edwards Campus: East of Regents Center building (adjacent to Quivira Road).
  • Lawrence Centennial: Use the west entrance. It is accessible from Greever Street just west of Louisiana Street.

The following are locations of accessible phones for each site:

  • De Soto: A pay phone is located in the main foyer in the southwest area of the building.
  • Gardner Edgerton High School: Phones are located in each classroom for local calls only (dial 9 for outside line). Pay phones are located in the south foyer.
  • KU Edwards Campus: A pay phone is located in the foyer next to the entrance to the library in the Regents Center building.
  • Lawrence Centennial: A phone is located in the reception area of JCCC's suite of classrooms. This phone is for local calls only.

It is recommended that pay phones be used by students for routine calls.

Access to commons areas or vending locations is sometimes available. High school locations generally request that food and drink NOT be brought into the classrooms. Your assistance in apprising students of this is greatly appreciated. Food and drink may be brought into the general purpose classrooms at the KU Edwards Campus and Lawrence Centennial. Food and drink may NOT be brought into a computer classroom/lab.

To the extent possible, please bring markers, overhead pens, etc., to use in your classes.

Copy machines are not available at the high school CCH sites; please plan to use on-campus copy services. Limited copying is available at Lawrence Centennial. A coin-operated copy machine is available at the KU Edwards Campus in the library in the Regents Center building.

Classroom Configurations
If it is necessary to reconfigure the desks and chairs within a classroom, please return them to their original setup prior to dismissing the class session.

Chalkboard or white board surfaces should be available in each room. If the high school teacher has indicated that material on the board is not to be erased, please honor that request. If this is a continuous condition, please use an overhead projector, overhead pen and screen rather than erase the material. Overhead projectors will often be available in the rooms.

Please contact the college’s A/V Services office (913-469-8500, ext. 3128) or contact the Community Outreach and Media Resources office if you would like to schedule A/V equipment that is not already available in your assigned room. For the KU Edwards campus, JCCC instructors use the KU AV resources. The Community Outreach office can provide the current contact information for you.

Class Cancellations/Notice of Class Change
In the event that a class session needs to be canceled, contact your assistant dean who will, in turn, notify the Community Outreach office. A member of the Community Outreach office will endeavor to post a Notice of Class Change or contact the school and request a notice be placed at the classroom notifying your students of the cancellation. Timeliness is the key factor as to whether it will be possible to post your class. The sooner the Community Outreach office is notified of the cancellation/change, the more likely we will be able to post the class.

School Closings Due to Inclement Weather
If JCCC is closed due to inclement weather, classes at all CCH sites will be considered canceled as well. If a CCH site closes due to inclement weather and JCCC is still open, classes at the closed CCH site will be considered canceled. Due to rapidly changing weather conditions and the number of school districts involved, it is recommended that you closely monitor area radio/television news channels for cancellations due to inclement weather.

School Closings Due to Inclement Weather

While most schedules and calendars will coincide, sometimes conflicts do arise. We will attempt to anticipate any such events, but should you foresee a problem, please let us know.

Facility Use Forms
These forms (or some version thereof) are required at some locations. A copy will be provided to your assistant dean, chair or dean, who in turn should forward the copy to each faculty member assigned to teach at the locations. Facility use forms are not required at the KU Edwards campus and Lawrence Centennial.

On those occasions when a class evaluation is to be administered at a CCH site, please contact your assistant dean, chair or dean for specific guidelines. (Generally, a stamped, self-addressed, first-class 10 x 13 envelope may be included in the packet.) The student administering the survey will need to agree to drop the envelope in a local U.S. postal mailbox after gathering the materials and sealing the envelope.

Additional Compensation
An additional rate per course will be paid to faculty teaching in the College Close to Home program as determined annually by the college.

Computer Classes
Computer classes are offered at some CCH sites. At the high school sites where computer classes are offered, it is imperative that coordination be established between the JCCC professor teaching the class and the high school computer network administrator prior to the first class meeting. Due to changes of password, user name, computer lab procedures and equipment needs, this coordination must take place even if the professor has previously taught computer classes at that CCH site. The Community Outreach office will provide contact information for the computer network administrator to the JCCC professor teaching the class.