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JCCC at De Soto Student Guidelines

We thank you for enrolling in CCH classes and hope your experience will be very positive. Although the class you have chosen has the same objectives, competencies and quality as on campus, there are certain accommodations necessary in regard to our presence at the high school.

JCCC is a guest at De Soto High School. De Soto High School has been very kind to allow us to use its facility. Obviously, the college’s ability to offer college classes at the school has assisted each of you in pursuing your educational goals. It goes without saying that the college and the school district have an excellent relationship and we would like that relationship to continue.

You can help by adhering to the following procedures and guidelines.

Parking and Entry

We ask that you park in the north parking lot (the parking lot in the rear of the school) and enter the building using the northeast entrance. The parking lot is large and has adequate lighting. The area from the parking lot to the entrance is also well lighted and is handicap accessible.

Please do not park in the circle drive and the parking spaces in the front of the high school. It should be noted that the front doors of the high school will be locked in the evenings.

Please walk on the sidewalks (paved areas) as you move from the parking area to the building entrance. This will reduce the mud and/or debris brought into the building.

Building Use

Please remain in the rooms, corridors and Commons Area designated for JCCC’s use. The classrooms designated for use by JCCC classes will be unlocked and available for use no earlier than 5:30 p.m. Please do not attempt to enter the rooms before that time.

Food and Drink

Please do not bring food or drink into any of the classrooms. Should you desire to eat before class, you may use the Commons Area of the high school. Please discard the trash in the receptacles which are located in the Commons Area and in hallways.


De Soto High School is a no-smoking campus. Smoking is not permitted on school property. Please respect this policy and refrain from using tobacco products on school district property.


If De Soto High School is closed for inclement weather, your JCCC class will not meet.

If JCCC is closed for inclement weather, your JCCC class will not meet. Check your local media outlets for school closing information.