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Civic Leadership Program Requirements


  • Complete a class with a service-learning requirement.
    Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy which combines community service with the academic curriculum. It combines the theory, text, and lecture of the classroom with practical application of knowledge and skills in real world situations. For more information, visit the Service Learning web page at

  • Complete a total of 75 hours of community service.
    Of those 75 hours: 20 must be done for at least one agency, another 20 must be done at no more than two agencies, the remaining 35 hours can be done at any number of places.


In order to meet the leadership requirement students must acquire 1000 points by choosing among the options below:

  1. Take the LEAD 130 class offered at JCCC - Spring 2018 CRN: 10747 (500 pts.) 
  2. Hold an office of a student club or organization for an entire academic year (350 pts.)
  3. Attend a leadership conference or symposium (250 pts.)
  4. Complete the Cavalier Leadership Development Program (250 pts.)
  5. Complete one semester (125 pts.) 
  6. Coordinate a service or leadership related event (150 pts.)
  7. Observe a board meeting of a non-profit agency, city council or state legislature (150 pts.)


As the final component of the Civic Leadership Program, each student will enroll in an online course that requires journal entries and discussion to be evaluated by the Civic Leadership coordinator. There is no charge for this course. The student will also be required to complete a final project which exemplifies and synthesizes the student's civic experiences and development. Some options for this are:

  • A reflective essay which integrates aspects of his/her academic and community endeavors, describes his/her civic philosophy, development, and goals, or challenges others to become more civically responsible and engaged;
  • An analytical paper which identifies, describes, and offers solutions to a community need, issue, or problem;
  • A legacy project whereby a new program or service is produced or implemented by a student and then turned over to an agency to be continued of sustained.

Students are required to create a poster for their capstone project to be shown at the Celebrate Service event at the end of the spring semester.

For more information contact:

Tara Karaim
Community Based Learning Coordinator
COM 201
913-469-8500, ext. 3570