Civic Honors

Johnson County Community College awards civic honors to students graduating from the college who have demonstrated exemplary civic responsibility and community involvement.


  • Students who plan to graduate from JCCC and have at least two semesters remaining at the college are welcome to register.
  • To be awarded civic honors, students must comply with JCCC’s graduation requirements. There is no minimum GPA to be maintained other than JCCC’s 2.0 graduation requirement.

What's In It For You

  • Award listed in the JCCC graduation program
  • Presentation of the award at a reception to recognize civic honors recipients
  • Name permanently listed on campus
  • Documentation of tangible experience in community involvement
  • Because the JCCC Civic Honors program is unique in this region, you will stand out among your peers when applying for employment, university admittance and scholarships
  • The chance to make a real difference and positively affect the lives of those who live and work in your community