Civic Honors: Academic Service-Learning

As stated in the 1989 Wingspread Report:

"We are a nation founded upon active citizenship and participation in community life. We have always believed that individuals can and should serve. It is crucial that service toward the common good be combined with reflective learning to assure that service programs of high quality can be created and sustained over time, and to help individuals appreciate how service can be a significant and on-going part of life. Service, combined with learning, adds value to each and transforms both. Those who serve and those who are served are thus able to develop the informed judgment, imagination, and skills that lead to a greater capacity to contribute to the common good."
  • Service-learning activities and assignments which have been completed for a JCCC course will meet the Civic Honors requirement, provided that the course connects the classroom instruction with practical experience in the community and includes structured reflection and a minimum of 20 service hours. Students enrolled in classes which offer only short-term or one-time service activities should increase service hours and reflection assignments to meet the Civic Honors requirement. With appropriate documentation, students will be given credit for service-learning assignments completed in JCCC classes taken prior to Civic Honors registration.
  • Hours required for service-learning classes may be included in the 75 total service hours.
  • Alternative: Depending on a student's course of study and/or schedule, it may be difficult to include a service-learning course. Special arrangements can be made with a civic advisor to design a service-learning component for a course already completed or for a course which doesn't regularly offer service-learning.