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The program cost is $4,499.

Yes, in addition to program tuition there are several other fees you are responsible for:

  • Kansas/Missouri Class A Permit (KS CDL permits are valid for 6 months and participants must retake the exam to obtain an extension. MO CDL permits are valid for six months)
  • Concentra or Corporate Care Drug Screen
  • Concentra or Corporate Care DOT Physical
  • Validity Background Check

Approximate costs can vary for these items. Kansas students can expect to pay approximately $200. Missouri students can expect to pay approximately $220. 

JCCC's driver training space is located at the Learning and Career Center at Logistic Park, Kansas City in Edgerton, Kansas.
JCCC is proud of our low student-to-truck ratio. You get more individualized hands-on CDL training and up to 60 hours behind the wheel to ensure you develop comprehensive skills that will prepare you for a driving position within the fast-growing trucking industry.
Final CDL skills tests are completed at the JCCC driving range in Edgerton. JCCC is a third-party examiner and can test almost anyone from any state in the country. After a participant has demonstrated mastery of all pre-trip, backing and driving skills, the final CDL skills test will be scheduled. Generally the final skills test takes place during the last week of training.
We do not have job placement services, but we do bring industry recruiters to our classes regularly to help establish contacts. We also have CDL job fairs twice a year, where trucking industry leaders can meet with you in a relaxed environment for interviews. Commonly, CDL program participants have completed four to five applications for entry-level driving positions before they even finish the program.

According to, the average salary for a truck driver is $66,568 per year in the United States. Income can vary based on the company, time on the road, team driving, etc.

In 2018, 93% of the CDL-A program participants who registered for a JCCC CDL-A course completed the CDL-A course and obtained their CDL-A license with JCCC.