Assessment Instruments

Develop yourself and your workforce with assessments that bring out the best in everyone.

Discover more about yourself and what makes you tick. Business leaders can gain a better understanding of their employees and in turn know the best way to motivate and utilize them in the workplace.

Receiving these personal and professional assessments through JCCC just got a little easier. Contact us to schedule an individual assessment or better yet schedule any of the following assessments for your entire workforce.


Personalized feedback that helps you understand the strengths and challenges of your behavioral style, and how other types of people may have different but equally valid preferences.

Kiersey Temperament Sorter

A powerful personality instrument that helps you discover your personality type based on what we say and what we do.

Leadership Mirror 360

Reveal your strengths and growth areas, so development can be focused on the competencies required for successful performance.


This frontline leader assessment provides real-world situations to measure readiness across nine critical managerial competencies.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

The most widely used personality assessment of its kind, based on well-researched and validated personality theory relating to the workplace. 

StrengthsFinder 2.0

An in-depth analysis of your strengths to help you understand how each of your top five themes plays out in your life, both professionally and personally, so you can build and apply your strengths and fulfill your potential. 

TTI Success Insights

Clearly define how people prefer to receive communication, predict better what they will hear and respond to and uncover what messages they will take to heart.

Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode Instrument

Discover the interpersonal dynamics of the various conflict modes in the workplace setting; application of specific techniques to work with the various modes; and ways to be mindful of your own preferred mode in the workplace.