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Coleman Crenshaw

Adjunct Assistant Professor

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COLEMAN CRENSHAW is proud to join the adjunct faculty at JCCC. He holds an MFA in Theatre: Performance and Society from Rhode Island College. Prior to living and working on the East Coast, he spent time studying Classical Dramatic Literature at Keble College, Oxford University, and finished his undergraduate degree in Theatre Arts from Sterling College. Since moving back to the Midwest, he has spent the last four years working professionally in Kansas City, having appeared in over 45 productions at more than a dozen theatres. His main teaching and directing expertise lies in non-realistic acting styles and absurdist theatre, having worked with Jean-Claude van Itallie, Bread and Puppet Theatre and Naum Panovski (Poiesis Theatre Project). He is passionate about theatre as a tool for social change and the ability of storytelling to transcend language and social boundaries. His innovative early elementary education programming is being used to teach playwriting and acting to young children throughout the Midwest.