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Recording Studio Technology

JCCC's brand new, state-of-the-art recording studio was installed so JCCC students can learn from the best on the best equipment.

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Studio Use

The studio is located in the CoLab, GEB 100. Students currently enrolled in MUS 158 Recording Studio I, MUS 159 Recording Studio II, and MUS 160 Recording Studio Lab are allowed to use the recording studio.

Studio Availability

Open lab times vary from semester to semester, but the studio is open most weekday evenings, and Saturday from 10-2.

For questions about using the studio (if you're enrolled in a qualified course), contact:

Mike Moreland or the CoLab.

Studio Technology

  • 24 track C24 digital, automated mixer with ProTools HD system
  • 16 channel Audient preamps
  • Pearl drum set
  • Fender Twin Reverb Guitar amp
  • Kurzweill Artis 88 note keyboard
  • Neumann U-67 microphone
  • Neumann KM 184 matched pair mics
  • AKG 451 matched pair mics
  • AKG 414 mic
  • Maxell Ribbon Mic
  • AKG D 122 kick drum mic
  • Sennheiser 906 guitar amp mic
  • Shure SM 7B with Cloudlifter
  • Shure 57's
  • various other mics
  • WAVES Platinum software bundle
  • Yamaha NS 10-M powered speakers
  • Rockit 10" powered speakers