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Music & Recording Arts

Music & Recording Arts

“Music is the soundtrack of our lives.” – Dick Clark

Ryan Heinlein, assistant professor of Music, performs an improvised trombone piece during his presentation on “A Cyclone of Paradises” (2001) by Fred Tomaselli in a Noon at the Nerman gallery talk.

What’s your soundtrack?

The music and recording arts program at JCCC has something for everyone - launching full-time professional musicians as well as novice aficionados. Whether you already know that music is your true calling, or if you’d just like to explore music as an avocation, JCCC is your destination to achieve those professional and personal goals.

Why study Music & Recording Arts at JCCC?

  • JCCC Music & Recording Arts faculty is comprised of educators and professionals dedicated to furthering students’ skills in composition, performance, and digital audio.
  • JCCC offers Cutting-Edge Technology—learn ProTools, the industry standard in digital audio production.
  • JCCC provides individual workstation, access to a digital mixing board, a ProTools HD system and two recording booths to record vocal, drum and instrumental tracks.
  • JCCC allows you to record original music at no extra charge with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • JCCC performance spaces are state of the art and housed in the Carlsen Center:
    • Polsky Theatre
    • Recital Hall
    • Yardley Hall

Careers available in Music & Recording Arts:

  • Audio Engineer
  • Composer
  • Contemporary Writer and Producer
  • Desktop Music Producer
  • Film Scorer
  • Jazz Composer
  • Music Business/Manager
  • Music Educator
  • Music Producer & Engineer
  • Music Therapist
  • Performer
  • Professional Musician
  • Record Producer
  • Songwriter
  • Studio Musician