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Interior Design Pre-Registration

General Pre-registration information:

You may pre-register online or in person on the second floor of the Student Center. You will need your student ID number to register. Please use the CRN (5 digit number on the line schedule).

Only students who are declared program students may pre-register. To declare a major you need fill out the Change of Major form (PDF). You will need the major code which you can find in the program brochures.  If you are not sure you have declared your major or have questions regarding registration, please stop by GEB 301, email Bobanne Kalkofen or meet with a counselor.  You can also check your declared major in DegreeCheck on MyJCCC.

Plan to discuss plans for your course of study with the department chair, Bobanne Kalkofen. You may visit during scheduled office hours or make an appointment.

Email Bobanne Kalkofen
913-469-8500 ext. 3183
Office GEB 301

Only students who have completed or are enrolled in their final studio class should enroll in ITMD 239 Interior Design Capstone. Graduating students should see Bobanne Kalkofen to review graduation requirements.

We encourage you to take advantage of pre-registration to access to all the courses you want and need to take before they fill. You can pre-register for Interior and Drafting classes as well as all JCCC classes. Payment deadlines are not earlier for students who pre-enroll for classes.

General information on interiors courses

Students are encouraged to follow the sequence of classes recommended for certificates and associate degrees.

Please attempt to take courses in the recommended sequence when possible. If you skip a class in the suggested semester sequence, go back and pick it up the following semester. There is a reason for the suggested class order.

  • ITMD 121 and DRAF 164 must be completed before enrolling in ITMD 129 Design Communication, ITMD 222 Interior Design II and DRAF 264 CAD: Interior Design. In order to graduate in four (4) semesters, ITMD 121 and DRAF 164 must be taken in the first semester. 
  • ITMD 129, ITMD 222 and DRAF 264 must be completed before enrolling in ITMD 222 Interior Design III and/or ITMD 233 Kitchen and Bath Basics. In order to graduate in four (4) semesters, ITMD 129, ITMD 222, and DRAF 264 must be taken in the second semester.
  • DRAF 264 will require a waiver to be taken at without the old required prerequisites of ITMD 129 and 123 (which are in the process of being changed to align with our new curriculum.)  Please request the waiver from Bobanne Kalkofen. Provide your name, student number, and CRN of the class to Bobanne and request a prerequisite waiver for DRAF 264.  The new prerequisites are DRAF 164 and ITMD 121, and will not be waived.
  • ITMD 127 Elements of Floral Design, FLR 200 Plants for Interior Design and ITMD 295 Field Study are elective courses. Many students take these courses for both career and personal enrichment.  The courses do have additional costs.
  • ITMD 239 should be taken the last semester the student is in school.  Please remember to keep all class projects for this portfolio classIf in doubt keep it until you are in Capstone! Students seeking multiple degrees should plan on taking capstone the semester they will graduate with their final Interior Design Program AAS degree.

Due to scheduling constraints we cannot offer all courses each semester. Please consider the planned fall/spring offering options as you plan a personal course of study towards your certificate or associates degree. 

Planned Fall-only offerings

ITMD 233 Kitchen and Bath Basics

Planned Spring-only offerings

ITMD 147 Lighting Basics
ITMD 224 Interior Design IV
ITMD 235 Kitchen and Bath Advanced