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Interior Design Internships

Interior Design Internships require 160 hours for each semester. This is an average of 10 hours per week during the 16-week fall and spring semesters.

At the beginning of the semester students are expected to write a description of job responsibilities as well as goals and objectives for the internships with the assistance of their employer. This assists in making sure that both student and employer expectations are similar and can be met over the course of the semester. They should be simple and achievable.

The employer is asked to sign a cooperative education agreement stating they understand the student will be doing an internship for that semester and the employer is willing to evaluate the student for the internship. Evaluation forms are provided by the interior design department.

The employer is asked to evaluate the intern two times during the semester, once at midterm when approximately 120 hours have been completed, and again, at the end of the semester when 240 hours have been completed.

Our goal is to provide our students quality internship experiences with minimal interruption for the business where they are employed.

Arrangements for hourly pay, salary, stipend or commission internships are between the employer and the student.