In spring of 2018, Peer Reviewers of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the College’s regional accrediting body, will visit Johnson County Community College for a comprehensive site visit. This visit will be part of the College’s reaccreditation process and extremely important to the future of our institution. To prepare for that visit, JCCC has prepared a Systems Portfolio to submit to the HLC, presented on this website. We are making the Systems Portfolio public to our internal and external community to show our commitment to transparency. 


The Systems Portfolio is the primary document by which the College demonstrates that it meets the Criteria for Accreditation. In the Systems Portfolio, the College documents its approach to performance excellence and provides evidence of continuous improvement.


In each category, you’ll notice a similar organizational system. “Process” describes how the College performs. “Results” relates what happened because of the processes and what was learned from them. Finally, “Improvements” shows what changes have been made or what the College plans to change based on what was learned.  Links are provided throughout the portfolio as “Evidence.” Most of these links tie to public websites, policies, procedures and other forms of documentation.


Many faculty and staff throughout campus worked diligently to prepare the portfolio. They have provided evidence. They have written narratives of College processes. They have documented results and improvement strategies. Through these combined efforts, the College is able to demonstrate the quality of JCCC not only to the HLC but also to the Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students and community.


Dr. Joseph M. Sopcich