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File  1.2 General Education AssessmentSection 1R1
File  2015 Employee Engagement Survey: Summary of ResultsSection 3R2
File  2015 National Community College Benchmark ProjectSection 2P1
File  2015 Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Results - JCCC vs. Other CollegesSection 2P1
File  2015-2016 10 year infrastructure draft (5P2)Section 5P2
File  2016-17 Cabinet Improvement StrategiesSection 6P1
File  2016-2017 10 year infrastructure finalSection 5P2
URL  Academic Achievement CenterSection 1P4
URL  Academic Achievement CenterSection 1P5
URL  Academic CatalogSection 1P4
URL  Academic Counseling and AdvisingSection 1P5
URL  Academic policies and proceduresSection 1P6
URL  Academic Program ReviewSection 1R4
URL  Academic Program ReviewSection 1P4
URL  Academic Program ReviewSection 2P3
URL  Academic Program ReviewSection 4P1
File  Academic Program Review HandbookSection 1P3
File  Academic Program Review HandbookSection 1P4
URL  Academic Program Review, Planning and DevelopmentSection 1P1
File  Academice Achievement Center - Program Review DataSection 1R5
URL  Academics & TrainingSection 4P4
URL  Access Services for Students with DisabilitiesSection 1P5
URL  Access Services for Students with DisabilitiesSection 2P1
URL  AccuTrackSection 1P5
File  Action Plan for Job ObjectivesSection 3P2
File  Adjunct Certification Training 2016-17Section 4P3
File  Adjunct Certification Training 2016-17Section 3P1
File  Adjunct Faculty HandbookSection 3P1
File  Administrative and Service Area Review Handbook 12.09.16Section 5I1
URL  Anatomy Open LabSection 1P5
URL  Annual Report to the CommunitySection 4R2
URL  Annual Report to the CommunitySection 4P1
URL  Annual Security Report - Clery ActSection 5P3
URL  Appointment to Position Policy 414.06Section 3P1
File  AQIP-FacultyDevelopmentSection 3I3
URL  Assessment News and ReportsSection 1P1
URL  Audit and Advisory ServicesSection 4P4
File  AY16-17 SG1Section 4R2
File  AY16-17 SG2Section 4R2
File  AY16-17 SG3Section 4R2
File  AY16-17 SG4Section 4R2
URL  Billington LibrarySection 1P5
URL  Board of TrusteesSection 4P3
URL  Board of TrusteesSection 4P4
URL  Board Packets and MinutesSection 4P3
URL  Board Policies and ProceduresSection 4P3
URL  Board Policies and ProceduresSection 5P3
URL  Board Policy Employee Benefits and Leaves Policy 419.00Section 3P2
URL  Board Policy: Overnight Travel Operating Procedure 216.03Section 3P3
URL  Board Policy: Performance Review 422.01Section 3P2
File  Budget Preparation ManualSection 4P1
File  Budget Preparation Manual for Fiscal 2016-17Section 5P3
File  Cabinet - Community InvolvementSection 4P1
File  Cabinet - Improvement StrategiesSection 4R1
URL  Career and Technical Education Advisory BoardsSection 1P3
File  Carlsen Center RenovationSection 6P2
URL  Cash Reserves PolicySection 5P2
URL  Certification and/or Licensing Policy 415.05Section 3P1
File  Chambers and RepresentativesSection 2P5
URL  Class SearchSection 1P4
URL  Code of Ethics PolicySection 4P4
URL  Coffee with Cassie: Student Success TipsSection 1I5
File  College Emergency Response PlanSection 5R3
URL  College NowSection 1P4
URL  College Reading & Learning AssociationSection 1P5
URL  Committees Policy 111.03Section 4P3
URL  Consumer InformationSection 4P4
URL  Continuing EducationSection 1P3
File  Copy of 2013-2016 Training StatsSection 5R3
File  Crisis Counseling GuideSection 1P5
File  Customer Relastionship Mgmt Process PresentationSection 2P5
URL  Degree Partnership ProgramSection 1P4
URL  Degrees and CertificatesSection 1P2
File  Demonstrating Economic Value-JCCCSection 1R3
File  Disaster Recovery Audit report 2015Section 5P3
File  Economic Overview_Program Gap AnalysisSection 1R3
File  Economic Overview_Program Gap AnalysisSection 2P3
URL  Educational AffairsSection 1P1
URL  Educational AffairsSection 1P4
File  Educational Affairs Recommendations 2013-14Section 1R3
URL  Educational Technology CenterSection 1P5
URL  Educational Technology Center Training OpportunitiesSection 1P4
File  Emergency Preparedness TrainingSection 5P3
URL  Emergency Response PlanSection 5P3
File  Employer-Graduate Follow-up Survey AY2014-15Section 1P4
File  Employer-Graduate Follow-up Survey AY2014-15Section 1R2
File  Employer-Graduate Follow-up Survey AY2014-15Section 1P2
URL  Employment Interviews Policy 414.05Section 3P1
URL  Enrollment ReportsSection 5P3
File  Environmental Scan ProcessSection 2P3
URL  Ethics PointSection 4P4
URL  Ethics Report LineSection 4P4
URL  Ethics Report LineSection 1P6
URL  Ethics Report ProceduresSection 2P4
URL  Ethics Reports LineSection 2P4
File  External Partner Integrated PlanSection 2I5
File  External Partner Priorities PresentationSection 2I5
File  External Partner Priorities PresentationSection 2P3
File  External Partnership Plan 2016Section 1P3
File  F1.1-General Education Courses by Student Learning OutcomesSection 1P1
File  F1.10-Persistence and RetentionSection 1R4
File  F1.11 Student Learning Outcomes ResultsSection 1R4
File  F1.12 Program Vitality RecommendationsSection 1R4
File  F1.13-Academic Resource Centers - Success RateSection 1R5
File  F1.14 Academic Resource Centers Success Rate by CenterSection 1R5
File  F1.15 Access Services for Students with DisabilitiesSection 1R5
File  F1.16 Ruffalo Noel-Levitz SSI - Academic AdvisingSection 1R5
File  F1.17 CCSSE - Support for LearnersSection 1R5
File  F1.18 TurnItIn TrendsSection 1R6
File  F1.19-Ethics Report Line - Case SummarySection 1R6
File  F1.3 Non-General Education AssessmentSection 1R2
File  F1.4-Ruffalo Noel-Levitz SSI - Institutional SatisfactionSection 1R2
File  F1.5-Program Completers - Educational Objective MetSection 1R2
File  F1.6-Educational Affairs - Program ActivitySection 1R3
File  F1.7-Educational Affairs - Course ActivitySection 1R3
File  F1.8-Full-time Graduation and Transfer RateSection 1R4
File  F1.9-Part-time Graduation and Transfer RateSection 1R4
File  F2.1-Ruffalo Noel-Levitz SSI-EffectivenessSection 2R1
File  F2.10-Community Market Penetration-Public MeetingsSection 2R3
File  F2.11 Foundation Giving and ScholarshipsSection 2R3
File  F2.12-Key External Stakeholder ComplaintsSection 2R4
File  F2.13 Program Completers-Employer SatisfactionSection 2R5
File  F2.14-BNSF Partnership CompletersSection 2R5
File  F2.15 SBDC-Sales IncreaseSection 2R5
File  F2.16 SBDC-Jobs Created & RetainedSection 2R5
File  F2.17-Advisory Board Survey-Program QualitySection 2R5
File  F2.2-Ruffalo Noel-Levitz SSI-SatisfactionSection 2R1
File  F2.3-KBOR Performance Agreement-Certificates DegreesSection 2R2
File  F2.4-KBOR Performance Agreement-Graduates EmployedSection 2R2
File  F2.5-KBOR Performance Agreement-Retention Rate-College ReadySection 2R2
File  F2.6-KBOR Performance Agreement-Retention Rate-Non College ReadySection 2R2
File  F2.7-KBOR Performance Agreement-Student Success IndexSection 2R2
File  F2.8-KBOR Performance Agreement-3 Year Graduation-Transfer RateSection 2R2
File  F2.9-Carlson Center EventsSection 2R3
File  F3.1-Faculty Orientation SurveySection 3R1
File  F3.2 Retirements and DeparturesSection 3R1
File  F3.3 Employee Engagement SurveySection 3R2
File  F3.4-Tuition ReimbursementSection 3R3
File  F4.1-Strategic Planning ProgressSection 4R2
File  F4.2 Board of Trustees-Policy EvaluationSection 4R3
File  F4.3 President's Cabinet-Procedures EvaluationSection 4R3
File  F4.4 Ethics Report VolumeSection 4R4
File  F4.5 Ethics Report by CategorySection 4R4
File  F5.4-Technology Infrastructure InvestmentSection 5R2
File  F5.5-IPEDS Core Expenses per Student FTESection 5R2
File  F5.6-IPEDS Core Expenses per Student FTE by FunctionSection 5R2
File  F5.7-Composite Financial IndicatorSection 5R2
File  F5.8-Budget Directed to Strategic PrioritiesSection 5R3
File  F6.1 Counseling Center-Student Registration TrafficSection 6R1
File  F6.2-Ruffalo Noel-Levitz SSI-Business Office ProcessSection 6R1
File  F6.3 Sustainability-Waste ReductionSection 6R1
URL  Facilities Master PlanSection 5I2
File  Facilities Master PlanSection 5P2
File  Facilities Master Plan PresentationSection 6I2
File  Facilities Master Plan Refinement 2016Section 5R2
URL  Facilities SchedulingSection 2P3
URL  Faculty Development ProgramsSection 3P3
File  Faculty Job DescriptionSection 1P5
File  Faculty Master Agreement 2015-2018Section 1P5
File  Faculty Master Agreement Section VI- EvaluationsSection 3P2
File  Faculty Master Agreement Section VI- EvaluationsSection 3P3
File  Faculty Mentoring HandbookSection 3P1
File  Faculty Peer Review handbookSection 3P1
URL  Faculty Portfolio WebsiteSection 3P3
File  Faculty Staff Recognition AwardsSection 3P2
URL  Financial Aid PolicySection 2P4
URL  Financial ReportsSection 4P3
File  Fiscal Health Using Financial Ratios FY2016Section 5R2
File  Follow-Up Completer Survey 2012-13Section 2R5
File  Follow-Up Completer Survey 2013-14Section 2R5
URL  Foresight 2020Section 1P2
URL  Foresight 2020Section 2P1
URL  Four Year Admissions & Transfer Equivalency WebsitesSection 1P4
URL  Full-time Faculty and StaffSection 4P4
File  General Assessment Plan Fall 2014Section 1P1
URL  Goal 2 - Strategic PlanSection 5P2
URL  Goal 4 - Strategic PlanSection 5P2
URL  GovernanceSection 4P4
URL  Grade Review and Appeal PolicySection 2P4
URL  Grants Leadership and DevelopmentSection 4P3
URL  Higher Education Act Student Consumer InformationSection 2P4
File  Hiring Managers Onboarding ChecklistSection 3P1
File  HLC Qualified Faculty Review FormSection 3I1
File  Individual Development PlanSection 4P3
File  Inspire Learning - Strategic Plan 2014-17Section 5P2
File  Inspire Learning - Strategic Plan 2014-17Section 6P2
URL  Institutional EffectivenessSection 6R2
URL  Institutional Effectiveness, Planning & ResearchSection 5P1
File  Insurance Policy Digest - 2016-17Section 5R3
URL  International and Immigrant StudentsSection 2P1
URL  International and Immigrant StudentsSection 1P5
File  IS Sourcing Strategy - AQIPSection 5P1
File  IT Governance Model ProposalSection 5I3
File  ITP ProcessSection 5P2
File  JCCC 2015 Audit Report 11.09.15 FinalSection 5P2
File  JCCC Financial Report 2016Section 5P2
Section 5R2
URL  JCCC FoundationSection 1P3
File  JCCC Pulse_April2016Section 2P2
File  JCCC Pulse_October2016 and Fall16 ScorecardSection 5P1
File  JCCC-Collaboration-CenterSection 6I2
File  JCCC_ExecSum_1314_FinalSection 2R3
File  JCCC_MainReport_1314_FinalSection 2R3
URL  Kansas Board of RegentsSection 1P3
URL  KBOR Program AlignmentSection 1P2
URL  KBOR Program AlignmentSection 1P4
URL  KBOR Transfer & ArticulationSection 1P4
URL  KBOR Transfer & ArticulationSection 1P3
URL  KBOR Transfer & ArticulationSection 1P2
URL  KCPDC Faculty Development ProgramSection 4P3
URL  KCPDC Supervisory Development programSection 4P3
URL  Keeping Our People SafeSection 5R3
URL  Key Performance IndicatorsSection 6P2
URL  Key Performance IndicatorsSection 6R2
URL  Key Performance Indicators: Focusing on Student SuccessSection 1R3
URL  Key Performance Indicators: Focusing on Student SuccessSection 1R4
URL  Key Performance Indicators: Focusing on Student SuccessSection 1P4
URL  Key Performance Indicators: Focusing on Student SuccessSection 2P2
URL  Key Performance Indicators: Student SuccessSection 1P1
File  KM-JCCCSection 5P1
URL  Language Resource CenterSection 1P5
URL  Late Withdrawal AppealsSection 2P4
URL  Learning StrategiesSection 1P5
URL  Learning StrategiesSection 1P4
File  LibQUAL Survey results_2016Section 1R5
URL  LibQual+Section 1P5
File  LibQUALRecommendationsSection 1R5
URL  Library Video TutorialsSection 1P5
URL  List of PoliciesSection 4P3
URL  List of PoliciesSection 4P4
File  Management Budget Book Web FY2016-17Section 5R3
File  Management Budget Book Web FY2016-17Section 5P2
URL  Mandatory Training Policy 422.02Section 3P1
File  Master Space Inv Spreadsheet 092116Section 5P2
URL  Math Resource CenterSection 1P5
File  Mid-year Discussion Documentation WorksheetSection 3P2
URL  Mission, Vision & ValuesSection 4P1
URL  Mission, Vision & ValuesSection 1P1
URL  Mission, Vision & ValuesSection 1P2
URL  National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment PartnershipsSection 1P4
File  New Faculty First Year - Spring 2015 Report (Fall 2014 New Hires)Section 3R1
File  New Faculty First Year Survey Report - Spring 2014Section 3R1
File  New Faculty Orientation 2015 ReportSection 3R1
File  New Faculty Orientation Fall 2014 ReportSection 3R1
File  New Faculty Orientation HandbookSection 3P1
File  New Staff Orientation 2013 14 15 ReportSection 3R1
URL  New Student OrientationSection 1P5
URL  New Student Orientation Core VideosSection 1P5
File  Noel-Levitz Satisfaction Summary Report 2016Section 1R2
URL  Office of Human Research ProtectionsSection 1P6
URL  Office of Outcomes AssessmentSection 1R1
URL  Office of Outcomes AssessmentSection 1P1
File  Onboarding Resource Guide for Hiring ManagersSection 3P1
File  Orientation Only Report - Fall 2013 New HiresSection 3R1
URL  Outcomes AssessmentSection 1R4
File  PDD Fall 2015 DataSection 3R3
File  PDD Spring 2016 DataSection 3R3
URL  Peer InstitutionsSection 1P4
URL  Peer InstitutionsSection 1R4
URL  Peer InstitutionsSection 5P2
File  Performance Agreement 2017-2019Section 2P2
File  Performance Evaluation FormSection 3P2
URL  Performing Arts SeriesSection 2P3
URL  Placement TestsSection 1P4
URL  Police DepartmentSection 5P3
URL  Policies & Procedures: Code of Conduct and DisciplineSection 1P6
File  Policy Procedure Approval ProcessSection 4P3
File  Policy Committee ChargeSection 4P3
URL  Posting for Vacancy Policy 414.01Section 3P1
URL  Preparing for Placement TestsSection 1P5
URL  President's Cabinet MembersSection 4P3
File  President's Video PresentationSection 3R2
URL  Prior Learning AssessmentSection 1P4
URL  Program ReviewSection 1P3
URL  Program ReviewSection 1P2
URL  Program ReviewSection 6R2
URL  Program Review ReportsSection 1P3
File  Quick Reference Card for Budget AdministratorsSection 5I2
URL  Records Retention PolicySection 5P3
URL  Recruitment Policy 414.02Section 3P1
File  Required Faculty QualificationsSection 3P1
File  Required Faculty QualificationsSection 1P4
File  Retrocommissioning ReportSection 5P2
URL  Reverse TransferSection 1P4
File  Revised General Ed RequirementsSection 1P1
File  Risk Assessment and Audit Plan 2016Section 5P3
URL  RPPP-Review Process and FormsSection 1R6
URL  Sabbatical LeaveSection 3P3
URL  Science Resource CenterSection 1P5
URL  Screening of Applications Policy 414.04Section 3P1
File  SEM Target-Segment Goal ChartSection 2R1
File  SEM Target-Segment Goal ChartSection 2P1
File  Service Request FormSection 1P5
File  SETDashboardSection 5R1
URL  Sexual Misconduct PolicySection 2P4
URL  Specialized and Program-level AccreditationSection 1P1
URL  Specialized and Program-level AccreditationSection 1P4
URL  Staff & Organizational DevelopmentSection 1P4
URL  Staff & Organizational DevelopmentSection 1P5
URL  Staff & Organizational DevelopmentSection 4P3
URL  Staff & Organizational DevelopmentSection 3P3
File  Staff & Organizational Development BrochureSection 3P3
File  Staff Performance Improvement PlanSection 3P2
URL  Statement of General EducationSection 1P1
URL  Strategic Goals and TasksSection 1P1
URL  Strategic Plan: Goal 1Section 1P2
URL  Strategic Planning at JCCCSection 4P2
File  Strategic Planning Resource Submissions outcomes April 2015Section 4P2
URL  Student Clubs and OrganizationsSection 1P5
URL  Student ComplaintsSection 2P4
URL  Student ComplaintsSection 2P4
URL  Student Disciplinary ActionSection 2P4
URL  Student Discrimination, Harassment or RetaliationSection 2P4
URL  Student HandbookSection 1P5
URL  Student Learning OutcomesSection 1P1
URL  Student Learning OutcomesSection 1P4
URL  Student Success CenterSection 1P5
URL  Student Success CenterSection 2P1
File  Supervisor ToolboxSection 3P1
URL  SustainabilitySection 5P3
URL  SustainabilitySection 6P1
URL  SWOTSection 4P2
File  TeamDynamix Project DesktopSection 5R3
File  Technology Infrastructure FY 2017-2020Section 5P2
URL  Testing ServicesSection 1P5
URL  The League for Innovation in Community CollegeSection 4P3
URL  Title IX: Sexual MisconductSection 2P4
File  Training and Professional Development PlanSection 3P2
URL  Transcript Evaluations for Transferring Credits to JCCCSection 1P4
URL  Transfer Advising Program GuidesSection 1P4
URL  Transfer Advising Program GuidesSection 1P2
URL  Transfer Information and ServicesSection 1P3
URL  Transfer Information and ServicesSection 1R3
File  Treasurer's Report 06.30.16Section 5P2
Section 5R2
URL  Tuition RatesSection 4P4
URL  Tuition Refund PolicySection 2P4
URL  Tuition Reimbursement & Educational AssistanceSection 3R3
URL  Tutoring & AccessibilitySection 1P4
URL  Tutoring AccommodationsSection 1P5
URL  US Dept of Education: 8 Keys to Veterans' SuccessSection 1P5
URL  US Dept of VA Principles of ExcellenceSection 1P5
URL  Veteran and Military ServicesSection 1P5
URL  Video ServicesSection 1P5
File  Winter Term 2016-2017 - Update 2017-02Section 2R1
URL  Work Authorization Policy 415.01cSection 3P1
URL  Writing CenterSection 1P5