• The College has identified assessing the effectiveness of its recruitment processes as an area for improvement. Over the next 18 months, using past data and observing current trends, Employment Services will redirect funds into the most effective areas.
  • Another area for improvement is the College's means of evaluating its hiring process. Employment Services is scheduled to conduct an analysis of the hiring process and will document standard operating procedures.  As part of the process, key objectives will be a reduction in hiring time and balancing the responsibility of hiring managers with Employment Services.
  • The College previously identified reviews of faculty credentials as an area of improvement. The Instructional Deans' Council reviewed faculty credentials of full-time, part-time, and dual-credit instructors. Faculty also revisited the credential requirements for all faculty positions. Faculty were reviewed using the HLC Qualified Faculty Review Form, which is signed off by the appropriate division dean and the vice president for academic affairs. 
File  HLC Qualified Faculty Review Form