Outcomes/measures tracked and tools utilized.

The College tracks both institutional and programmatic retention, persistence, and completion data through dual processes of the KPIs and the Academic Program Review.  This data is updated regularly through the College's enterprise data systems and National Student Clearinghouse. The College also has a KBOR performance agreement that is monitored at the state level for achievement of benchmarks related to the KBOR Foresight 2020 plan.


Summary of results of measures

JCCC’s KBOR performance agreement tracks many important metrics for the College such as persistence, graduation/transfer, retention, and student success. Results of this tracking can be seen in Figures 2.3 through 2.8 below.


F2.3-KBOR Performance Agreement-Certificates Degrees F2.4-KBOR Performance Agreement-Graduates Employed

F2.5-KBOR Performance Agreement-Retention Rate-College Ready F2.6-KBOR Performance Agreement-Retention Rate-Non College Ready

F2.7-KBOR Performance Agreement-Student Success Index F2.8-KBOR Performance Agreement-3 Year Graduation-Transfer Rate


Comparison of results with internal targets and external benchmarks

The KBOR agreement determines the internal target and external benchmark for the College on these indicators. The targets are set based on a three-year average by KBOR and are tied to performance based funding. These are set  individually per campus across the entire state of Kansas for all public two-year and four-year schools. With the exception of one of the metrics, the College is performing above the benchmark. The Student Success metric is based on cohort data (includes all degree-seeking students) and measures all students who were retained or completed a certificate at JCCC or have completed or been retained at another Kansas or other out-of-state higher education institution.  


Interpretation of results and insights gained

The Student Success metric in which JCCC fell below benchmark has been analyzed and revealed the significant impact of students leaving school and re-entering the workforce as the local economy has improved. The bump in degree and certificates awarded in AY 2015 reflect a project related to auto-graduation that identified and contacted students who had met requirements an associate degree or certificate but might not have applied for graduation. The awarding of these degrees and certificates are reflected in Figure 2.3 above.

File  F2.3-KBOR Performance Agreement-Certificates Degrees 
File  F2.4-KBOR Performance Agreement-Graduates Employed 
File  F2.5-KBOR Performance Agreement-Retention Rate-College Ready 
File  F2.6-KBOR Performance Agreement-Retention Rate-Non College Ready 
File  F2.7-KBOR Performance Agreement-Student Success Index 
File  F2.8-KBOR Performance Agreement-3 Year Graduation-Transfer Rate