Outcomes/measures tracked and tools utilized   

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Research (OIEPR) distributes follow-up surveys to area employers each year to determine their satisfaction with graduates of career programs (see surveys from 2013 and 2014). Respondents to these surveys are often representatives of the same facilities who collaborate with the College's student groups. One measure of the effectiveness of partnerships the surveys measure is the percentage of career program completers from the College and their subsequent employment in their field. 


The OIEPR also distributes surveys annually to advisory boards for JCCC programs that are obliged to have such a board. Advisory boards are asked to comment on market demand for completers of the programs that they advise as well as the relevancy and sustainability of the programs. They also are asked to consider whether program facilities are adequate to achieve student outcomes.   


Summary results of measures

Results of the follow-up surveys include employers consistently giving high marks of satisfaction with the College’s career program graduates. Not only are JCCC students engaging in learning on these sites, but they are also getting hired by those same facilities post-graduation. In 2014, 94% of the student survey respondents indicated they had achieved their educational goal, and 51% of all program completers reported employment in their field of study.  BNSF-JCCC is a long-term partnership that produces skilled workers for the railroad industry.  After a revamping of curriculum, program completers are up in this partnership.


 F2.13 Program Completers-Employer Satisfaction F2.14-BNSF Partnership Completers

 F2.15 SBDC-Sales Increase  F2.16 SBDC-Jobs Created & Retained


The College has invested in Continuing Education division programs, such as the Small Business Development Center.  The work of the Center has a direct result on the economic health of the community through the Center's work with local businesses. As noted in figures 2.15 and 2.16 above, the businesses using the SBDC services created and retained jobs and saw an increase in sales. 


F2.17-Advisory Board Survey-Program Quality


Survey results from career and technical education advisory committees have trended positive on curriculum and market demand. The last two years of data have indicated a downward slope in the quality of facilities available to career and technical programs.  


Comparison of results with internal targets and external benchmarks

The College values the partnership between the business community and its career and technical programs. The results of the annual survey of the College's multiple advisory boards provides an opportunity to track trends and measure the effectiveness of the College's relationship with external constituents. The College strives to continually improve from year to year and has made significant plans based on feedback from the advisory boards. There are no external benchmarks by which the College views this community-based data.


Interpretation of results and insights gained

The BNSF data in Figure 2.14 above shows a decrease in completers due to a changing economy and downturn in the railroad transportation sector.  The College's BNSF partners have to work to respond to a changing workforce need, and they need to continue to support the JCCC/BNSF facility.


Advisory board survey results show a strong response to the CTE curriculum and represent the work of programs to remain relevant to employer needs. As the local economy has improved, the upward trend in the market demand outlook by advisory board members is reflected in the survey results. The third indicator of quality facilities reflects the recognized need to update the technology facilities on campus. This is being addressed by the College through initiatives in the Facilities Master Plan. The need to enhance the technology facilities was the impetus for devising a master plan.

File  Follow-Up Completer Survey 2012-13 
File  Follow-Up Completer Survey 2013-14 
File  F2.14-BNSF Partnership Completers 
File  F2.17-Advisory Board Survey-Program Quality 
File  F2.15 SBDC-Sales Increase 
File  F2.16 SBDC-Jobs Created & Retained 
File  F2.13 Program Completers-Employer Satisfaction