Outcomes/measures tracked and tools utilized

Student complaints filed from AY 2009–2010 until Spring 2016 were logged into the College’s document imaging system for future reference. During this time, there were a total of 239 issues filed as student complaints. As of Spring 2016, student complaints submitted through the Student Complaint portal are retained in the same manner as Ethics Report Line and KOPS Watch complaints. The software system has reporting and certain benchmarking capabilities.


Complaints from the Ethics Report Line and KOPS Watch (some of which are filed by students and other non-employee stakeholders) are tracked through the College’s internal processes and reported during quarterly audit committee meetings with members of the Board of Trustees. When appropriate, the audit committee pursues further conversation around complaint resolution processes and timelines.


Summary results of measures

Figure 2.12 below tracks the number external key stakeholder complaints over the last five years.


F2.12-Key External Stakeholder Complaints


Comparison of results with internal targets and external benchmarks 

The number of Ethics Report Line complaints (some of which are filed by students and non-employee stakeholders) are annually benchmarked against other organizations and reviewed by the audit committee. To date, no measures have been set to create internal targets and/or compare against external benchmarks for complaints in the Student Complaint portal.


Interpretation of results and insights gained

While the complaint resolution process has influenced policy and procedural decisions and process improvements, there is no centralized record tracking the results and insights gained. Until Spring 2016, dealing with student complaints as a whole was somewhat decentralized and results were not compiled for formal review and interpretation.   Now that all types of formal student complaints are being logged into software with reporting capabilities, the College is in the process of holistically examining its processes and procedures for reporting and analyzing student complaint data to inform operational decisions with regard to both academic and non-academic student complaints. Since Spring 2016, the Student Success & Engagement deans meet twice a month and review pending student complaints and consider, discuss, and implement appropriate improvements and action related to non-academic matters.

File  F2.12-Key External Stakeholder Complaints