• The online application process and personal admission plan in the Office of Admissions are recent improvements and have proven to be valuable in assisting students with setting academic goals. An ongoing area for improvement is an adaptation of the personal admission plan based on student ACT scores. Currently, this plan does not automatically update when ACT results are received by the admissions office. 
  • In Fall 2016, the College launched a new initiative called Student Pathways. This program assigns a success advocate for first-time, full-time freshmen. The advocate, acting as the student’s accountability partner, provides timely information and personal support to help students achieve educational goals. This project is based on a recent AQIP project in the area of best practices for student retention and success.
  • The College has invested in a new enterprise data warehouse, ZogoTech. Department administrators, counselors, and success advocates will have access to the data warehouse. The data warehouse tool provides reports from the College's student database, Banner, that both aggregates and provides individual student data for the purpose of informed decision-making. Examples of data reports include daily enrollment, successful course pairings, grade distribution, financial aid, and retention data. This information will be used College-wide to adjust course scheduling and support services.
  • In an effort to improve student retention and satisfaction, the College is investigating methods to systematize diverse cumulative experiences (capstone courses, portfolios, and co-curricular activities). An example of this systemization includes using a new enterprise platform for students and faculty. Student digital portfolio training and development is also being adopted in the College's new Collaboration Center in coordination with the Career Development Center. The College is also actively reviewing co-curricular systems as part of a strategic plan initiative.
  • Continuing Education (CE) has initiated a positive relationship with both the Kansas Workforce Partnership and Missouri Full Employment Council. Both organizations provide services for job seekers and employers, including the areas of hiring and recruiting, training, retention, and expansion to businesses of all sizes.