A variety of improvements to the quality culture have been implemented, but this section will focus on four in particular.

  • First, the College has developed and is in the process of constructing a Collaboration Center on campus. The center will facilitate collaboration among students, faculty, and industry in interdisciplinary projects and promote faculty working across disciplines to engage students in solving significant problems. This will require students to apply learning in context and to develop strong interpersonal and communication skills critical to career success. The center will support a much greater community connection, helping the College fulfill its mission “to inspire learning to transform lives and strengthen communities.”
  • Second, the College has initiated a Facilities Master Plan. Working with consultants Smithgroup JJR and Paulien & Associates, meetings have been held since January 2016 to identify space needs on campus related to strategy and programming and to align institutional assets with those needs. As part of that process, the College is looking at its career and technical education facilities to determine how to align facility assets, notably the Arts and Technology Building, with demand and future growth in technical areas.
  • Additionally, College investment in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) will allow JCCC to store repeatable, synchronized snapshots in time across all systems providing an interactive, user-friendly interface for leaders across the College to interact with the data needed in order to make decisions, including goal setting, budget planning, industry trends, and student success data.
  • Finally, as the Program Review process completes its first three-year cycle, improvements in the distribution of data elements are planned for the 2017–2018 academic year. These will include:
    • Using the Zogotech EDW programs for easier and timelier access to standard data reports;
    • Stronger integration with the dissemination of budget worksheets; 
    • Additional data on Activity-Based Costing of program expeditures and revenue; and
    • Inclusion of nationally benchmarked cost and productivity data from the National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute.
File  Facilities Master Plan Presentation 
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