Academic Comprehensive Program Review Process: One of the most effective practices of the AQIP Program Review Committee was the use of a pilot program. Eight programs volunteered to be a part of the pilot. The pilot group experience proved to be invaluable to the committee; several revisions were made to the template based on feedback from the pilot groups. The Program Review process impacted the campus community positively. Updates following the initial launch of the new process includes an annual component, revisions to the data sets provided to academic departments, inclusion of a summative review by the division deans, and direct connection to the budgeting processes of the College.


In support of the Academic Program Review process, the College has committed faculty and staff resources to preparing asynchronous resources for faculty and programs. In identifying areas where programs needed additional assistance, the focus has been on understanding and interpreting data elements, how to formulate program goals, and providing a narrative to support resource allocations.


AQIP Processes: As part of the change in leadership for the College, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness assumed responsibility of the processes for specialized and regional accreditation, including the AQIP processes. This change allowed the redesigned accreditation processes to be more closely aligned with the strategic planning and KPIs of the College. The result has been a more focused approach to planning and more centralized monitoring of projects on campus.


KPIs: The President's Cabinet closely monitors the College's KPIs to determine efficacy of campuswide strategic planning initiatives. Early evidence indicates successes in many of the projects. Based on overall performance increases in full-time and part-time graduation and transfer rates since 2009, persistence increases from fall to fall and the transfer performance of JCCC students and their overall student satisfaction are positive.

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