Counseling Center

  • The change in access to counseling services for students is integral in preparing the counselors for the increased traffic expected in counseling services as the College begins its retention initiative. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is teaming with the Division of Student Success and Engagement to use predictive analytics to identify at-risk students. This project will utilize the new Zogotech Enterprise Data Warehouse to analyze real-time data on students.

Bursar’s Office

  • Additional quality improvement initiatives following the changes in the MyFinance portal include opportunities to improve and reduce collection times for so-called “non-enrollment billings.” These are defined as receivables resulting from events held on campus by outside entities, events for which the College charges various fees. The creation of the tracking mechanism in TeamDynamix has allowed for increased accountability and more efficient communication across campus departments in order to identify and track non-enrollment billings throughout the College.
  • The Bursar’s Office is continually seeking ways to improve ease-of-use and communication with students. A recent upgrade in the College’s student management software, Banner, enabled the office to stop sending monthly bills for zero amount due, reducing the number of complaints from students and parents.

Warehouse and Central Receiving

  • Warehouse and Central Receiving continues to identify documents eligible for disposal across the campus in accordance with the College's document retention policy. Currently, the Accounts Payable office and other departments are being reviewed to determine the greatest need for these services.
  • The GovDeals online auction services will be continuing as current revenue per item exceeds previous on-site auction results. These initiatives have freed up additional space on campus and initial plans to use that space include improved staging areas for auction items available for reuse, tying into the College's sustainability efforts.

Center for Sustainability

  • Major focus for the Center of Sustainability includes the integration of sustainability into the College’s Facilities Master Plan, the cross-campus collaboration with the Epicenter Conference (water), tech programs (Tiny House), the culinary program, and art/film departments.

 Other Areas of Improvement

  • In addition to these featured areas, the College has embarked on a series of quality initiatives including upgrades to the Performing Arts Center and classroom upgrades to create more learning studios on campus.