• As part of the strategic planning initiative, a task force was created to restart the Administrative and Service Area (ARC) review process. The ARC process requires each area to take a historical look at departments/functional areas for vitality and cost effectiveness. ARC provides an opportunity to communicate strengths and weaknesses or needs to decision-making administrators. Patterned after the Academic Program Review, the ARC operates on a three-year review cycle and an annual touchpoint for each area. ARC process improvements allow communication upward and downward and tie the operational functions to the mission and strategic plan of the College. There has been a deficit in knowledge management relating to tying operational outcomes to planning and strategic processes.  
  • In an effort to revitalize the way the College looks at costs in both academic programs and administrative areas, JCCC received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to build a tool for Activity-Based Costing. This tool will provide better, more transparent data for costing out academic programs, applying both direct and indirect costs. It will help the College look at both process and costs in a cross-functional view by aggregating the costs of activities to produce outputs. Having this ability will push the College to use data more effectively in the planning and resource allocation process. This new tool will help the College tie its resources to activities, outputs, and finally, to its strategic goals. 
File  Administrative and Service Area Review Handbook 12.09.16