Outcomes/measures tracked and tools utilized

In addition to providing training and development opportunities for faculty and staff, as a large complex public college, the long-term effectiveness of the College is dependent on appropriate policies and procedures applied consistently. Through the work of the committees of the Board of Trustees and the Office of General Counsel (OGC), the College ensures that policies maintain relevancy and compliance with applicable laws, are updated to align with current practices, and are effective for consistent application across campus.


The Board and its committees meet monthly to discuss, review, and approve the College's policies. Faculty, staff, and administration are all responsible for bringing forward recommendations for updates to policies through the OGC and the Policy and Procedure Committee. These recommendations maintain alignment and reflect state and federal compliance as well as best practices in higher education.


Notification of changes to campuswide policies are communicated to all employees through InfoList following Board meetings. College policies are published on the College website, and implementation of policies is supported through targeted education campaigns and training during Professional Development Days each semester.


Summary results of measures

Figures 4.2 and 4.3 below indicate the number of new policies and procedures adopted by the College as well as those that were revised or deleted within the fiscal year.


 F4.2 Board of Trustees-Policy Evaluation  F4.3 President's Cabinet-Procedures Evaluation


Comparison of results with internal targets and external benchmarks

It is the intent of the College to regularly review and update policies. Currently, the OGC has not set a timeline for regular review of Policies and Operating Procedures. The OGC is still in the midst of the initial complete review. The General Counsel is considering creation of an internal process to ensure that every policy and operating procedure is reviewed on a rolling calendar basis.


Interpretation of results and insights gained

The College has been diligent in providing oversight of policies and procedures, providing a stable framework within which the College operates. The results charted above show significant upticks in policy or operating procedure modifications.  In fiscal year 2013, a large number of policies related to employee benefits were converted to an employee benefits and leaves library to allow for real-time updates to detailed information related to employee benefits that did not require high-level approval by the Board. As the initial complete review of policies and procedures is completed, adoption of formalized process for continuing the cycle is planned.

File  F4.2 Board of Trustees-Policy Evaluation 
File  F4.3 President's Cabinet-Procedures Evaluation