About this Report

The process by which the JCCC Systems Portfolio was assembled was a truly collaborative process illustrating the work of shared governance on campus.  The work of writing the portfolio was done through the use of teams composed of faculty, staff and administration from across the College.  Without the work and diligence of these teams in collecting information, writing narrative and providing evidence, this portfolio would not be possible.


The category teams who worked on the portfolio were:


Category One - Helping Students Learn:  Andy Anderson, Clarissa Craig, Vince Miller, Maureen Fitzpatrick, Beth Edmonds, Jack Ireland, Jim Lane, Tina Crawford


Category Two - Meeting Students and Other Key Stakeholder Needs:  Annette Maassen-Spates, Randy Weber, Lill Bajick-Boch, Brenda Edmonds, Karen LaMartina, Mike Souder


Category Three - Valuing Employees: Ron Palcic, Debbie Eisenhower, Anthony Funari, Luanne Wolfgram, Tom Grady


Category Four - Planning and Leading: Julie Haas, James Hopper, Janette Funaro, Richard Fort, Susan Johnson


Category Five - Knowledge Management and Resource Stewardship: Rachel Lierz, Susan Rider, Csilla Duneczky, Sandra Warner, Lisa Cole


Category Six - Quality Overview (Continuous Quality Improvement): Larry Reynolds, Justin McDaid, Sheri Barrett, Natalie Alleman-Byers, Bill Robinson