Purpose Policy 410.00

Johnson County Community College
Series: 400 Personnel
Section: Application of Personnel Policies

The purpose of the personnel policies of the Johnson County Community College is to establish policies and procedures concerning the work of college employees. The Board of Trustees (or as may be hereinafter referred to as the board), at all times, reserves the right to add to, delete from, alter, amend or waive the application of these policies. This manual and the individual policies contained herein are not to be considered as creating a contract between employees and the Johnson County Community College or its Board of Trustees. Any verbal, or even written assurances that are inconsistent with the policies contained in this manual are not binding on the college. In the event of any dispute over college policies and procedures, this manual shall control or supersede any such assurances in whatever form.
Date of Adoption:
Revised: 06/12/1996