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Competitive Solicitation Methods Policy 215.03

Johnson County Community College
Series: 200 Administrative Service
Section: Purchasing and Contracts

In order to ensure that purchases are administered in a manner that maximizes open and free competition, the following solicitation methods shall be utilized unless otherwise provided for by Board of Trustees policies.

Awards of Competitive bids and quotations shall be made to the lowest acceptable bidders meeting specifications unless it is determined not to be in the college’s best interest.

  1. Requests for Quotations (RFQs) may be used to solicit offers from vendors in order to establish pricing and terms and conditions. RFQs may be solicited informally via facsimile, electronic mail, written documentation, or verbally.
  2. Requests for Bids (RFBs) may be used to solicit offers from vendors in order to establish pricing and terms and conditions. RFBs that are estimated at more than $25,000 are solicited formally with a written RFB document through a sealed bid process. All formal bid openings shall be open to the public and the results of bids shall be considered public information after a bid is awarded or all bids are rejected.
  3. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) may be used where and whenever the college determines that because of the nature and complexity of the goods and/or services to be acquired, it would be in the best interest of the college to seek proposals rather than quotations or bids. In this event, the college reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals, in whole or in part, to take exception to any RFP specifications, to make an award based solely on the proposals received, or to negotiate further with one or more vendor. The college also reserves the right to negotiate a contract with the selected vendor which is at variance with the RFP initially prepared by the college and/or responded to by the vendor.

The selection by the college of any proposal as ultimately negotiated will be at the college's entire discretion, which discretion shall extend to purely subjective considerations solely exercisable by the college without regard to a claimed lowest cost by any proposed vendor.

Nothing contained herein shall be construed as precluding the right of the college to negotiate with the lowest qualified bidder or to issue change orders modifying any bid received or from rejecting any and all bids.

In the event other criteria are equal, purchase will be made from the firm providing the best services to the college.

Preference may be given, when quality and price are comparable, to the purchase of products and services offered for sale by firms, corporations, or individuals with offices or plants located in Johnson County, Kansas.

Date of Adoption: 07/06/1982
Revised: 06/22/1992, 03/3/1994, 06/20/2002, 07/19/2012