Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is a comprehensive body representing all areas and divisions of the college, including adjunct and full-time faculty.

The faculty has the primary responsibility for maintaining standards of excellence in education, both at JCCC and in higher education as a whole. It is the Senate’s responsibility to speak for the faculty in matters of educational policy, preservation of academic integrity, protection of academic freedom and the prioritization of resources.

The Senate maintains that high quality education and student success depend on faculty engagement beyond basic teaching duties, and those goals depend on faculty members’ involvement in decisions that affect instruction. The Senate takes seriously its commitment to shared governance with staff, administration, trustees and the community. To achieve this mission, the Senate accepts responsibility for representing the faculty on decisions affecting the college as a whole.

The Senate recognizes the unique knowledge and expertise that faculty members hold in their respective disciplines and in their daily interactions with students.  Consequently, it acts as a resource through which that knowledge and expertise can be made available to students, staff, administrators and trustees in making well-informed decisions.

Faculty Senate Officers

President – Nathan Jones
Vice President – Lorie Paldino
Secretary – Janette Funaro
At-Large – Irene Schmidt
At-Large – Steve Giambrone


Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Division: Vin Clark, Doug Harvey

Business: Cherie Leiker, Sharon Lundeen

Communication: Janette Funaro, Valerie Mann

English: Lorie Paldino, Andrea Broomfield

Healthcare: John McNally, Peggy Barlett

Mathematics: Chris Imm, Traci Putnam

Science: Steve Giambrone, Paul Decelles

Technology: Howard Hendren, James Hopper

12-Month: Amy Fisher, Judi Guzzy

At-Large Senators: Keith Geekie, Nathan Jones, Kay King, Patrick Lafferty, Matthew Schmeer, Irene Schmidt

Faculty Association: Ron Palcic

Educational Affairs: Dennis Arjo

For more information visit the JCCC Faculty Senate blog.

Faculty Senate Blog