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The strategic planning task force conducted a SWOT analysis that provides information on how the college’s strength and weaknesses relate to the opportunities and threats it faces based on the environmental scan. SWOT analyses are commonly used in strategic planning processes in a wide variety of organizations.

The president’s cabinet used the results of the SWOT analysis to develop the college’s strategic goals and specific tasks. The following strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats were identified for JCCC.


  1. Quality programs and staff
  2. Resource Centers (math, writing, science, foreign language...)
  3. Breadth of programs
  4. Affordability
  5. Positive community perception
  6. Easy transfer to most four-year institutions
  7. Centralized resources of the Student Success Center


  1. Online/distance learning resources and opportunities
  2. Career-specific advising
  3. Slow to adapt to market demands
  4. Access to academic counseling when most needed
  5. Application/registration process
  6. Communication about college offerings
  7. Access to counseling on broader issues


  1. On-demand access to information and services
  2. IT, social media and globalization require the development of different thinking skills
  3. Align programs with employment needs
  4. Johnson County strongly supports education
  5. Competency-based education
  6. Interactive learning experiences
  7. Johnson COunty is growing proportionately older and slightly more diverse
  8. Community colleges are attractive as education costs increase
  9. Seamless credit transfers between institutions


  1. More students underprepared for college
  2. Demand for colleges to deliver outcomes
  3. Funding to higher education static or declining
  4. More students working while in college
  5. Students looking for more value out of college
  6. Higher education competition
  7. National trend towards de-funding remedial education