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Faculty and Staff Survey
In September 2013, the data collection work group sent a survey to all faculty and staff members soliciting responses to a set of open-ended questions on the college's ability to attract, retain and graduate students. In addition, the questions addressed academic performance issues, effects on the college budget and the organization/’s ability to meet community needs.

Student Survey and Focus Group
A survey was sent to students to ask them about JCCC’s strengths and weaknesses. Members of the task force followed up with a facilitated meeting with the Student Senate to deepen their understanding of students’ perceptions, needs and experiences.

Community Conversations
The community outreach work group organized two “Community Conversations” in November 2013 at which 117 business and industry leaders, education and government officials, college alumni and retirees discussed what they perceived to be opportunities for JCCC’s future. Participants included Dr. Wil Billington, chairman of the college’s first board of trustees; Dr. Tom Trigg, superintendent of the Blue Valley school district; several elected officials, including mayors and county commissioners; the CEOs of local institutions, such as Frank Devocelle, CEO of Olathe Medical Center, and Brad Bergman, CEO of the Midwest Trust; and alumni such as Vicky Fastnacht, who was the first student scholarship speaker at the college’s fund-raising gala, Some Enchanted Evening.
These community members, with diverse perspectives, helped identify the opportunities and challenges to consider for the new strategic plan. Their counsel helped ensure that the college’s strategic plan meets the needs of the community.

Connecting the Dots
Survey results were shared with more than 350 faculty and staff at a “Connecting the Dots for Our Future” event in December 2013. There they provided input on the internal issues they thought were essential to the college’s future.

White Papers on Trends in the JCCC Environment
The data analysis work group, with the assistance of the members of the strategic planning task force, researched current trends in the political, economic, social, technological, educational and demographic environment. The focus was on trends that will affect how the college operates. From this comprehensive process the task force identified trend statements.

The data analysis work group and strategic planning task force identified trends that will affect how the college operates.

Fall 2013 Environmental Scan

Fall 2016 Environmental Scan