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Johnson County Community College engages in strategic planning to keep the organization focused on serving our students, community members and other partners in a rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world.

The strategic plan defines and integrates the college’s mission, vision and values with long-term goals and associated tasks. This document summarizes the strategic planning process initiated in September 2013. I am deeply grateful to all who have contributed their good will, ideas, time and energy to this important effort.

The opportunities the college creates for our students and community have attracted the admiration and praise of others. Our mission is to inspire learning that transforms lives and strengthens the communities we serve. If we are satisfied simply by past accomplishments and choose to rest, we will lose sight of our mission and vision. Intentional, strategic planning aligns the college’s resources and efforts, improves its operations and ensures that college employees and stakeholders are working toward a common set of goals to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

While the college has adopted strategic plans over the years, the process we followed to develop this plan was quite different. This time we followed the principle of planning from the outside-in, to specifically address student and community needs. As a public institution, the college deliberately involved those it was founded to serve and those who serve it as well. Hundreds of students, community members and employees have provided input to the strategic planning process over the past 12 months, helping us develop a vision that will direct our efforts. Just as importantly, they have provided us with specific insights on the issues the college needs to address in the next three years. This document is a testament to these efforts – the events, the discussion groups, listening sessions and surveys – that a task force composed of faculty, staff and students undertook in order to create the foundation for the plan.

We are also presenting you with a list of specific tasks that the college will engage in over the course of the plan. Many of the tasks challenge previous perceptions based on a richer, and more robust understanding of our environment.

We are now moving into the most crucial part of the strategic plan – its implementation. It will not be quick or easy, but it is necessary. The promise of our common future – to reach new levels of educational excellence and innovation – will require us to put forth our own best efforts and work together as one college in a united and cohesive way.

I’m pleased to present JCCC’s new strategic plan to our students, community members and other partners.

Joe Sopcich