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Focus on communicating the college’s comprehensive offerings.

Task 1

Develop a comprehensive marketing plan that supports the priority of increasing enrollment at JCCC.

The marketing plan improves the planning and communication processes between JCCC's strategic marketing professionals and the areas they serve. Through deeper, more consistent research and a refinement of Marketing Communications’ operating systems, the college will be able to promote JCCC programs and activities more effectively and efficiently.

The task force drafted a full annual marketing plan and updates it annually as strategies adjust and evolve, using analytics of budget and digital traffic to determine how well the college is achieving ROI (return on investment) or ROA (return on awareness). In 2014-2015, task force members completed an internal assessment of marketing strategy, competitive research, demographic research, student focus groups and an assessment of audience development

Based on this work, Marketing Communications implemented a new marketing campaign for JCCC: Know the Value. Love the Experience. They also embarked on new major league sports partnerships to help showcase the JCCC experience in the community.

The next phase involves the creation of a full report on the market research, creative strategies and process improvement techniques that are either in place or are recommended.

Team members: Pamela Hulen, Melisa Jimenez, Diane Kappen, Staci Malone, Christy McWard (team leader), Erica Miller, Terry Murphy-Latta, Judi Reilly, Ted Rollins, Loralee Stevens, Randi Worley (recorder). Cabinet liaison: Julie Haas.

Task 2

Enhance internal communication through increased cross-functional collaboration and intentional communication to the campus community.

In 2014-2015, the task force developed recommendations after internal discussions with Human Resources, Publications, Web Communications, Marketing Communications, Desktop Publishing and Information Services. In addition, informational interviews were held with representatives from 11 peer institutions.

The recommendations were:

  • Establish a system of governance to prioritize information shared via internal communications systems.
  • Set up formal and regular communication between Marketing Communications and Information Services to manage content and push out information to the campus via the employee intranet.
  • Provide training to employees to maximize use of the intranet and educate them on the rules of governance and priorities.
  • Streamline communications processes by re-purposing an existing position to coordinate internal communications, including both messaging and use of the technology

Such recommendations await the filling of vacant positions in Information Services and Marketing Communications.

Team members: Emily Behrmann (team leader), Nicole Blackwell, Don Campbell, Becky Centlivre, Keith Geekie, Carl Heinrich, Dan Robles, Allison Smith, Christina Wright. Cabinet liaison: Julie Haas.