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AQIP Steering Committee and Current Projects

AQIP Steering Committee

Sheri Barrett
Director, Office of Assessment, Evaluation and Institutional Outcomes

John Clayton
Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness

Brenda Edmonds
Professor, Mathematics

Maureen Fitzpatrick
Professor, English

Jim Lane
Dean, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

L. Michael McCloud
Vice President, Instruction/Chief Academic Officer

Annette Maassen-Spates
Academic Counselor

Vincent Miller
Dean, Academic Support

Ron Palcic
Professor, Mathematics

Gurbushan Singh
Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Current AQIP Projects

Data Warehouse Implementation into Academic Program Review Processes

Academic Program Review was revamped in the 2014-15 academic year with the development of a template, defined data elements, and a cycle for review and feedback.  This project will oversee the maturation of the data portion of Program Review with the implementation of the data warehouse for Program Review processes. 

Development and Adoption of Institutional Learning Outcomes

Currently, the college uses the General Education Student Learning Outcomes as a form of Institutional Learning Outcomes.  However, the understanding and use of learning outcomes has developed since these were first written. This project will benefit the college to develop Institutional Learning Outcomes that support both the General Education and Program level outcomes as well as align with reporting requirements of the Kansas Board of Regents.

Faculty Development

This project will review current and best practices in Faculty Development across both two year and four year institutions.  In addition, the project will conduct a needs assessment of full-time faculty and address questions of:

  • Where in the organizational structure should faculty development activities reside?
  • Who in the organization should own the faculty development process?
  • What professional development resources do faculty need? (Travel funds, internal offerings, professional journals, etc.)
  • Currently, what are the perceived gaps in faculty develop opportunities?
  • How (modality) and who should deliver faculty development?